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Deliver up to 10% more income to your clients with an end-to-end risk methodology

With our new and comprehensive income risk profiling methodology, you can now experience the same great efficiency of our growth risk profiling for your clients drawing an income.

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Source: EV April 2021


Experience a complete income objective-based client risk profiling solution for the first time.

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Easily match your client’s risk profile with suitable income risk-rated fund recommendations
Quantifiable risk communication powerfully making a case for regular adviser reviews
Consistent with the Growth profiler to create a complete objective-specific suitability process for your advice process
Descriptions for each risk profile are provided to help you communicate the potential outcomes and risks

Supporting your client's preferences for ESG investing

Having identified your client’s attitude to risk, we help you to understand and develop your client’s knowledge of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing.

This is a vital step before exploring whether it is an approach that is of importance or not.

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  • Expand your process to determine your client’s ESG preferences when recommending suitable investment products.
  • Easily measure and determine how important ESG investing is for your client as the starting point for a more detailed and personal discussion with your client.
  • Develop your client’s understanding with clear, educational information on ESG
  • Integrated into your current risk-profiling solution

EV Risk Ratings

Deliver up to 10% more income to your clients by selecting the most suitable funds that achieve your client objectives at their desired level of risk.

Our pioneering Income fund risk ratings offer a consistent approach to selecting suitable funds for income.

While the risk-rating of funds used for growth is well established, no comparative approach applies to funds for income - until now.

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EV Risk ratings


Financial planning, made simple

Bring your client conversations to life and help them meet their financial life goals through better financial planning.

EVPro delivers a holistic range of risk suitability, cashflow planning, and client review tools designed to explain your clients’ risk easily. 

  • Demonstrate the value of advice
    Easily justify fees, including annual reviews using the metrics provided
  • Modular design
    Allowing access to relevant improvement plans for the client
  • Reduce the cost of advice
    Our “Suggest a solution” option reduces the time and expertise needed to give advice
  • Control centrally
    Configure funds, products and adviser permissions
  • Reduce training requirements
    Using a consistent and intuitive interface

EVPro Invest

Provides a complete overview of your client’s current financial position, allowing you to create investment solutions consistent with your client’s financial objectives and risk appetite.

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EVPro Goal

Helps you easily create and communicate cash flow plans covering all stages of life, including pre, at, and post-retirement. Making it easier for your clients to meet their financial life goals.

EVPro goal

EVPro Risk

Delivers a robust objective-based risk profiling solution, including psychometric, behavioural and knowledge-based questions. With the addition of questions around client ESG preferences, you will add value to your client conversations and gain a competitive edge in the industry’s growing trend.

EVPro risk

EVPro Solver

Go further for your client by finding additional problem-solving solutions with just a click of a button. Using our asset model’s power, this hybrid advice tool will help you solve your client’s problems more efficiently.

EVPro solver

EVPro Review

Allows you to see if your clients are on track to meet their financial goals, allowing you to review, amend, and communicate their financial plans with a practical and easy client management framework.

EVPro review

EV for Advisers

Let us help you deliver life-changing financial plans to your clients

Useful Resources

Guide to EV Income Risk Methodology

Read our guide to learn more about our new income risk profiling methodology, an in-depth look at income fund risk ratings, and how incorporating it into your suitability advice process will revolutionise how you deal with your retirement income clients.

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Technical Guide to Attitude to Risk Profiling

Are you considering switching to a different growth or investment risk profiling solution? This guide explains the reasons you might want to change, and the steps you need to take to make the change as straightforward and seamless as possible.

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